Kim Frazier

I have always been happy and honored to work behind the scenes. I love being a part of a team and contributing what I can to find solutions, seek positive outcomes, encourage others to grow, and most importantly, to listen. I’ve been blessed with some incredible opportunities to serve in a variety of ways and each of those experiences, whether it be professional or personal, has equipped me with the necessary skills to broaden my commitment to the people who live, work, worship, and play in Knox County.

I have gained so much knowledge and a deeper understanding of the limitations and capabilities of our local government. I have had the hard conversations – I have asked the questions – I’ve facilitated relationships. I’ve put in hundreds, if not thousands of hours learning about the structure and culture of local government and what I can do as a citizen to advance and bring awareness to the needs of communities. It is through these efforts, that I found myself within the political arena advocating on behalf of communities throughout Knox County and I quickly formed the opinion and position that local government should be about community and connection, not position and politics.

As a citizen, I have initiated discussions on behalf of communities countywide for intentional growth with coordinated infrastructure, road improvements, building new and updating our schools, advocating for better land use and planning processes, supporting our teachers, standing by our law enforcement, encouraging more ways to enhance the quality of life for our citizens, building relationships, improving government process, educating and connecting citizens with local government officials, evaluating emergency services, analyzing budget allocations, empowering our youth, and listening to the concerns of long-standing and new Knox County residents.

These experiences and the knowledge that they have provided me have equipped me for this job. I am already invested and ready to get to work for you and your family.


kim frazier experience

Hardin Valley Planning Advocates, Founder & Director: organized community group advocating for intentional growth with coordinated infrastructure, 2018 – present

Knox County Government Ethics Committee, Vice-Chair, County Mayor Appointee: an appointed committee that receives and investigates complaints of violations of the policy and refers matters to the appropriate person or agency for further action under existing laws, if appropriate, 2018 – present

Hardin Valley Business and Community Alliance: founding Member, Membership Recruitment, 2020 -2021, Community Needs Committee, 2021: nonprofit organization promoting businesses, community, and fellowship all to stimulate and build the Hardin Valley Community, 2021 – present

Knox County Planning Alliance, Founding Member, Steering Committee: volunteer-organized community group established to share land use and planning experiences, advocate for long term land use planning, practices, policies, and regulations, and educate citizens, 2019 – present

Community Action Committee (CAC), Leadership Class 2020: Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, and makes communities better places to live. CAC cares about the entire community and is dedicated to helping others help themselves and each other. The CAC Leadership Program provides training sessions for current and emerging leaders with the objectives to strengthen the capacity for leadership at the grassroots level, create a learning atmosphere that crosses economic, social, and racial, and demographic lines, and acquaints participants to become more involved in community affairs.

The University of Tennessee, Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS), Elected Officials Academy: a four-week professional educational program focusing on municipality Foundations, Charters, Ethics, Open Meetings, Public Records, Conducting Effective Meetings, Finance, Human Resources, Risk Management, and Strategic Planning, June 2021

Ford Next Generation Learning (Ford NGL), Knox County Schools: Focus Group Member: appointed group to engage in discussions regarding education that nurtures the talent and full potential of our youth preparing them for whatever future path they choose with solutions that leverage the power of community and partnerships to prepare and support ALL, March 2021 – present

Junior Achievement: Miss Business Event Host and Kickoff Speaker: honoring high school juniors in our region interested in becoming future female business and community leaders, 2020, Board Member: global nonprofit youth organization working with local businesses. Schools, and organizations to deliver experiential learning programs in the areas of work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship to students ages 5 – 25, 2021 – present

Paws & Badges, Inc.: Organizing Member, Board Chair: non-profit organization providing free mental health support canines and training to servicemen and women, 2016 – 2020

Knox County Rescue: Board, Committee Chair: nonprofit organization providing comprehensive emergency rescue services for all of Knox County, 2013 – 2020

Hardin Valley Academy Counseling Department, Advisory Council: appointed committee to ensure that the school counseling program is providing every student with comprehensive school counseling centered around an engaging curriculum that encourages growth in academics, career and personal/social/mental health domains, September 2018 – present

East Tennessee Development Symposium: Community Representative Panel Speaker – “Governments Role in Land Use and Development”: two-day event to network hundreds of professionals and to share knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices in the development field, March 2019

Powell Business and Professional Association (PBPA): Member, Event Volunteer, 2021-present: an association of business and professional men and women either living in, owning or operating a business or service in the Powell Community.

Advocate, Knox County Regional Sports Complex: 2020: support and lobby for zoning ordinance necessary for the construction of a Knox County Regional Sports Complex.

Hardin Valley Academy Foundation: Community Outreach: nonprofit organization supporting teacher-student educational and professional development, facility improvements and enhancements, and increasing technology resources for teachers and students, 2019 – present

Knoxville Knox County Planning Commission Stakeholder Committee: Member – Planned Residential Zoning Review and Update: a group of county professionals, officials, and community leaders appointed to review and revise the Knox County Planned Residential land-use zoning ordinance, 2021 – present

Farragut Rotary Club: international service organization bringing together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world, March 2021 – present

City of Knoxville Neighborhood Empowerment, Community Partner & Education Series: Presenter, “Neighborhood & Development Cooperation”: provides a wide variety of activities, programs, and services to support resident-led, resident-controlled, democratically run neighborhood organizations in the City of Knoxville, 2021 – present

Ag-Pro / Ritchie Tractor: Spokesperson, 2019 – present

Knox County Greenway Corridor Study Stakeholder Committee: committee appointed to review greenways as a strategic economic and community investment for Knox County with an expansion of existing park and trail systems to promote connectivity and accessibility for all residents, April 2019 – present

Advocate: Knox County review and commitment to addressing long-range land use and planning strategies coupled with transportation improvements through the creation of a Comprehensive Growth and Transportation Plan: efforts resulted in support and funding by Knox County for the process of studying and creating a Knox County Comprehensive Growth and Transportation Plan, 2018 – present

Knoxville Knox County Planning Commission Stakeholder Committee Member – Planned Development Ordinance Creation: committee appointed to assess the need for a Planned Development Ordinance (PD) intended to encourage and allow more creative and flexible development of land than is possible under district zoning regulations and should be applied to further those applications that provide compensating amenities to Knox County. In return, the Planned Development provisions require a high standard for the protection and preservation of environmentally sensitive lands, well-planned living, working, and shopping environments, and an assurance of the adequate and timely provision of essential utilities and streets. Plans submitted for approval as provided for by this process must demonstrate a creative approach to the design of the project and the development of the property and present a creative project that will deliver significant community benefits, 2019

Student Mock Interviews, Hardin Valley Academy Business and Marketing Academy: a one on one experience for students to exercise interview skills in preparation for seeking career opportunities, 2019

Ahyoka Jewelry Design, Owner / Designer: independent uniquely handcrafted jewelry small business, 2015 – 2019

Advocate: classification of Hardin Valley as a census identified unincorporated community as a part of the Northwest Sector Plan / Knox County review and update: engaged in an initiative to identify a census-designated place (CDP) as a concentration of population defined by the United States Census Bureau for statistical purposes, 2018

Knoxville Knox County Planning Commission & The Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) Hardin Valley Mobility

Study Stakeholder: committee appointed to examine existing and future mobility needs, consider existing and potential north/south corridors and as well as east/west corridors and identify and prioritize needs to improve safety and traffic flow, August 2018 – 2019

Political Campaign Volunteer:, poll worker, phone bank, mailer sponsor, district host, 2014 – present

Hardin Valley Middle School PTO: Community Liaison: formal organization composed of teachers, parents, and staff to support school services and needs, 2018

Community Leadership: Secured community partnership with Goodall Homes for a designated walking trail to connect Hardin Valley School Campuses and encourage walkability and accessibility between schools, 2018

Community Leadership: Secured community partnership with Ball Homes for the construction of outside picnic tables and clearing for outside learning area at Hardin Valley Academy, 2019 – 2020

Community Leadership: Secured community partnership commitment with Hardin Valley Land Partners for outside classroom project – ongoing

Community Leadership: Secured community partnership with Hughston Homes of TN for a multi-use athletic field serving Hardin Valley Academy and Hardin Valley Middle School – ongoing

Community Leadership: Secured community partnership with HMH Construction and Vulcan Materials for Hardin Valley Academy Spirit Rock encouraging student and campus school spirit, 2020

Empty Stocking Fund (ESF): Distribution Coordinator – Knox County Rescue Site: bringing joy to the lives of disadvantaged children by providing toys and gifts during the holiday season and other core essential supplies throughout the year to support positive social and emotional development and academic success, 2000 – 2019

Knoxville Knox County Planning Commission:, Northwest Sector Plan Update Stakeholder: secured Knox County support and funding to provide a detailed analysis of land use, community facilities, and transportation for the northwest geographical area as a guide to land use and development over a 15-year period inclusive of a five-year capital plan with recommended capital improvements and other implementation programs, 2014-2016

Hardin Valley Supports a Middle School: Founding Member: organized community group advocating for the review and analysis of school capacities and enrollment countywide in an effort to identify the needs for additional and or improvements to school facilities. Efforts resulted in the construction of Hardin Valley Middle School, Gibbs Middle School, and secured plans for a Northwest Elementary School on the Knox County five-year capital plan, 2014-2018

Karns Middle School, PTA Community Outreach: formal organization composed of teachers, parents, and staff to support school services and needs, 2015-2016

Board Development Professional Education Course, Alliance for Better Non-profits (ABN): a membership-based nonprofit organization that connects its members to nonprofit peers, leaders, and experts, as well as to foundations, philanthropists, agencies, and university partners committed to making the community stronger through better nonprofits, 2015

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Grant Writing Professional Course: professional development course in writing grant components, including a statement of need/rationale, implementation strategies, outcomes, personnel, evaluation, budget, attachments, and an executive summary, 2014

The Restoration House: Board, Committee Chair, Annual Restoring Hope Luncheon Host (2012): nonprofit organization walking alongside low-income single-parent families, helping them break harmful cycles and regain hope and a future through supportive transitional housing, ally teams, family advocacy, and youth development, 2012-2018

The Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE) / Think Tank:  Participant: an immersive poverty simulation designed to give your organization a glimpse into the lives of low-income individuals and families living in our community, 2014

Schades of Development: Board Member, Chair: nonprofit providing exceptional after-school and summer childcare that supports the beliefs, values, and goals of families.

Knoxville Leadership Foundation (KLF): HR Consultant: nonprofit organization connecting the greatest needs in our area with the resources necessary to see people and communities thrive for over twenty-five years, 2012-2013

Bandit Lites, Inc.: Human Resources Director: full-service design, management, and producer of live events, theatrical productions, and live shows, Rookie of the Year Award, 1999-2005

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville: Human Resources Management Professional Course: course to enhance career skills in personnel management to build and maintain an effective workforce. Topics included human resource planning, job analysis, recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, manpower development, compensation, and labor relations, 1999

Hallmark Rehabilitation Services: Executive Director, HR Coordinator, Marketing Assistant: full-service physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and dietary planning provider, 1996-1999

Jewelry Television: Show Co-Host: American television network selling both women’s and men’s jewelry. Jewelry and gemstones show co-host, 1998

The University of Alabama in Huntsville: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration /Marketing & Health Care Administration, 1996

The University of Alabama in Huntsville: Miss Greek: chosen representative and spokesperson for campus Greek involvement, 1992

Young Life, Leader / Volunteer: a Christ-centered ministry that helps kids know Jesus, grow in their faith and serve Him by building authentic relationships with students. Huntsville, Alabama Chapter, 1991

Junior Miss Academic Scholarship, (now Distinguished Young Women), Madison County, Alabama: a national nonprofit organization that provides scholarship opportunities to high school girls designed to provide young women with the opportunity and support needed to succeed before, during, and after attending college, 1991


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