I am proven, engaged, grounded, and committed.

I have always been happy and honored to work behind the scenes.  I love being a part of a team and contributing to finding solutions, seeking positive outcomes, encouraging others to grow, and, most importantly, listening. I’ve been blessed with some incredible opportunities to serve in a variety of ways, and each of those experiences, whether it be professional or personal, has equipped me with the necessary skills to broaden my commitment to the people who live, work, worship, and play in Knox County.

I have gained so much knowledge and a deeper understanding of what our county can and cannot do – I call them capabilities and limitations.  I have had the hard conversations – I have asked the questions – I have facilitated relationships. I have put in hundreds, if not thousands, of hours learning about the structure and culture of local government and what I can do as a citizen to advance and bring awareness to the needs of communities. This decision was a very organic one, a tough one – probably one of the toughest in my life, but an authentic step.

I didn’t pursue politics – politics pursued me in my everyday efforts to advocate on behalf of my immediate community and communities throughout Knox County.  I believe that local government should be about community and connection, not position and politics.

I have initiated discussions on behalf of communities countywide for intentional growth with coordinated infrastructure, road improvements, building new and updating our schools, advocating for better land use and planning processes, supporting our teachers, standing by our law enforcement, encouraging more ways to enhance the quality of life for our citizens, building relationships, educating and connecting citizens with local government officials, evaluating emergency services, analyzing budget allocations, empowering our youth, and listening to the concerns of long-standing and new Knox County residents.

These experiences and the knowledge that they have provided me have equipped me for this job.

I humbly ask you for the opportunity to continue to learn how I can best serve our communities by choosing me as your At Large Commissioner, Seat 11.

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