Front Porch Forums is a community-focused video series highlighting real people, just like you and me, who live and work right here in Knox County. Tune in and Welcome to the Porch!

Episode 1

John Gargis understands how faith can bring you out of hopelessness into restoration.  Join us on the Porch as we talk about his journey and how he used his experiences to literally build a church.

Episode 2

Alan Ramsay
 has a presence that draws you in and gives you a glimpse into how serving others can ignite your spirit daily. Hear how Alan’s trek from California to East Tennessee prepared him to lead our youth and help those struggling with homelessness and joblessness find community.

Episode 3

Nehemias Gil is proof that with hard work and a strong will anything is possible. Meet Nehemias and listen in as we discuss how he evolved from a teen with a dream to a successful young professional.


Needs & Visions


Bringing People Together


Service Above Self