``One of the biggest problems we have in local politics is that the people being elected are not experienced in what their office entails and what it takes to do the right job. They have not been involved in the process of how things work and what it takes to make the right decisions. They want a title. Not have to do the proper job. They are followers, not leaders. Kim has been, and is, involved in the process of what it takes to make the proper decisions. She is the kind of person we need. Kim will be a leader and do what is right for the people of Knox County.``


“Kim is an incredible resource and asset for Knox County. Her energy and passion for making Knox County a better place for everyone is unmatched. Kim’s knowledge and drive allows her to tackle any issue from schools to business to housing. Simply put…Kim Frazier gets things done.”


“Kim is one of the most community minded people I have ever met. She is concerned about not only her own community, but all. When members of the Karns community were establishing a committee, Kim graciously met with us and shared information she thought would be helpful. Kim volunteers her time promoting quality of life, education and business and community growth for all.”


“I have worked with politicians for more than two decades, and finding someone of Kim Frazier’s integrity, passion and resourcefulness has been a beacon of hope during difficult and tumultuous times.

Kim loves her community like the wonderful mother she is to her two sons — with keen insight and an ability to focus on what is best for it, while working hard to ensure it has what it needs to grow and prosper.

She has already made inroads and created relationships that have literally laid the groundwork for monumental changes in and around Hardin Valley, and is an advocate in every sense of the word.

Especially as Knox County continues to expand, we need Kim serving on our County Commission, to help ensure planned growth is in the forefront of every discussion, not an afterthought.”

Michelle Hollendhead, Journalist

“I was a teacher at Hardin Valley Elementary School while Kim’s boys were there. Kim was a very involved parent. She planned class parties, grade level carnivals, and everything in between. She also created a parent group called Soul Sisters. They supported the parents, teachers and staff of Hardin Valley Elementary School through prayer and simple acts of encouragement. They put together a coffee cart and went around the school and delivered coffee and treats to the teachers, along with words of encouragement. Kim was very loved by the teachers at Hardin Valley. I’ve watched Kim passionately advocate for our community for years. When Kim gets behind something, you can guarantee it will get done. She’s a wonderful listener, a strategic planner, and has an amazing gift of bringing people together to work toward a common goal. Kim is an advocate, a planner, and an executor.``

Lindsay Shaver, Educator, Knox County Schools

“Kim has so much natural passion for her community, it is clear that it is more than a passion. It is a calling!”

Reverend John Gargis Valley Church

``I am writing today, to tell you about my experience with Kim Frazier, the Community Advocate, and endorse her running for County Commission at Large, Seat 11.
We recently had an issue with a development across the street from our farm and the county wanting to widen the road, which would have meant a substantial loss of our property and privacy. Kim’s involvement with “Smart Growth” is what drew us to contact her. She showed a tremendous level of commitment and involvement on this project to have the county reconsider their plans and utilize the property they already owned across from our property. I’m happy to say that, ultimately the decision was in our favor. We know that this required numerous meetings and phone calls with our district’s representative, as well as, the county’s chief engineer, planning commission and mayor. We were involved and apprised of the progress every step of the way.
I believe her years of experience in advocating for the community will be a tremendous asset as she seeks out this position. From our experience, she truly wants what’s best for the community, not just one person. She will look at each situation from every angle, she will be forthright and honest about her intentions. She will advocate for what is right, not just what she can “win”.
I am encouraged to know she is wanting to have a stronger position in our system that will allow her to continue to have the influence needed to keep our community strong.``

Michael McDonald, Knox County Citizen

``As a Planning Commissioner, I had several opportunities to hear Ms. Frazier speak at public meetings as an advocate for responsible planning. I was impressed with her professionalism, her depth of knowledge and her passion for educating the community on the planning and development processes. Ms. Frazier will make an excellent County Commissioner and she will hit the ground running!``

Laura Cole, Former Knoxville Knox County Planning Commissioner, 2008-2018, appointed by Mayor Mike Ragsdale

``I have gotten to know Kim Frazier the last three years through community work in the 8th district. As a newcomer about planning and land use, Kim helped and continues to help our community navigate new challenges and provides a wealth of information that is extremely beneficial to our community. Regardless of the agency, question, or topic, Kim provides her knowledge and support to help us make decisions that are best for our community. She is true to her word and provides us with the facts we need to make informed decisions that make our community a better place.``

Nadine Porter, Corryton Citizen

“Kim Frazier is a strong advocate for Knox County’s future. She is solution oriented and passionate about Knox County growing in a manner that improves quality of life for all residents. She advocates for intentional growth with coordinated infrastructure. Kim understands that the many communities that make up Knox County have their own assets to be championed and valued. She is not afraid to challenge the status quo to build a stronger community for current and future Knox County residents.”

Louise Povlin, Vice Mayor Town of Farragut

“Kim and I have been friends for about twenty years. During that period, I have had numerous opportunities to observe her positive interactions with others, and have found her to be committed and focused, on both personal, and community goals.
Kim is fair and dependable, inspiring others, while always maintaining a positive attitude. She is well known for her volunteer service and her desire to make a positive difference in anything she’s involved in. I feel honored to have Kim as a friend, and her honest and practical approach sets her apart from others.”

Jeanette Harris, Assistant Chief Deputy Knox County Sheriff’s Office (Retired)

“As long as I have been working in the Hardin Valley community, Kim has gone out of her way to support the students of HVA and grow the community feeling found here. She steps up whenever needed to lead, advocate, and provide vision for Hardin Valley. Kim did all of this while serving as a volunteer. I can’t wait to see what she can do in an official role as Knox County Commissioner at Large.”

Dr. Rob Speas, Principal, Hardin Valley Academy

“I have been blessed to know Kim for 10 years and become more amazed each year at what she is able to accomplish. Dedicating innumerable hours as a volunteer, Kim is absolutely relentless in her efforts to understand and address the needs of not only our local Hardin Valley community (of which she is integral), but other communities across Knox County. In Kim you will find a fierce advocate, a genius mind, and a loyal friend.”

Dawn Walsh, Realtor

“Kim Frazier has demonstrated effective leadership in our community by earning trust which is the most important aspect in both personal and professional relationships. She values people more than any leadership position and has proven that she is bigger on the inside than she is on the outside. This kind of character will continue to bring lasting success to the Knox County Commission.”

Alan Ramsey, Director of Resident Outreach (Dominion Group)

“When my community along Northshore Drive in West Knox County faced an aggressive development proposal that threatened to change our quality of lives, the first person to extend a hand to help us was Kim Frazier. Kim not only attended our community organizational meeting to share her experience and answer our many, many questions, she brought along the appropriate representatives from Knox County and the City of Knoxville. We found Kim to be approachable, remarkably knowledgeable and generously willing to share her considerable experience organizing the Hardin Valley community to control its fate in the face of overwhelming development pressure. Kim's approach is fair-minded and forward looking. Her work ethic is remarkable. Since meeting Kim I have watched her reach out and share her knowledge with numerous other neighborhoods and organizations. She spends hundreds of hours researching, attending and monitoring meetings, preparing position papers, speaking to our leaders and advocating on behalf of Knox County citizens and neighborhoods. She will be an outstanding addition to Knox County Commission.

Diane Montgomery Leadership team member Northshore Corridor Association Immediate Past President Amberleigh HOA


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